Stand Up Paddle Boards, also known as paddle boards, paddle surf boards or sups, have recently exploded in popularity and Stand Up Paddle Boarding is now officially the world’s fastest growing water sport. 

Flexibility and Fun are most likely the two most important benefits that have given Stand Up Boards such publicity. Stand Up Paddling appeals to everyone from water enthusiasts to fitness enthusiasts allowing for hours of fun surfing waves, racing on flat water, down-winding, exploring, touring and even windsurfing on your Stand Up Paddle SUP.

Consider the following when selecting your Stand Up Paddle Board:

• Your skill-level
• Your weight
• Area of application (Flat water, wave or both)
• Buy from a dealer in your proximity, who can offer honest advice and upgrade your board later
• Well-known brands, like Starboard SUP fetch much higher re-sell values than lesser known brands
• Well-know brands, like Starboard Stand Up Paddling offer manufacturer warranty’s on new equipment purchased
• Well-known brands, like Starboard spend millions on R&D, use finest, high quality material

Give paddle boarding a try. It’s healthy, improves your fitness, works your core muscles, burns calories like nothing else and allows for hours of fun in the waves or on flat water.