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Whacking the board’s rails with the paddle is part of the game regardless of the paddler’s level. Truth is, the rails are the Achille’s Heel of an SUP. Protecting them against unwanted hard smacks has always been every paddle boarders concern. Rail Saver Pro is the world's first commercially available dedicated SUP Rail Tape that protects Stand Up Paddle Board rails from constant paddle abuse.


The RSPro Rail Saver is the perfect solution for protecting the Rails of your Stand Up Paddle Board. It is made in Spain and offers the highest durability and best quality Rail Tape currently available in the market. A must for protecting your SUP from Rail chips and dents caused by Paddle impact. You will receive a Roll consisting of 2 lengths of 1.91m Rail Tape.

– 2 x 191cm (6’3″) x 6,3cm (2″1/2) semi-rigid 380 mi PVC
– Lenticular pattern surface for high impact and abrasion resistance
– Good ability to adapt to simple curves and allows repositioning, thus facilitating placement
– Colour: Transparent

Installing the RSPro – Rail Saver:
Installing the Rail Saver PRO turned out to be extremely straightforward and hassle free. Before delving into details, notice that starting with a good cleaning of the rails with alcohol or acetone is extremely important as well as allowing at least 6 hours before going out. Ok, let’s take a look at the installation process. Once the rails are clean and dry, mark symmetrically the starting points where you’ll begin laying down the Rail Saver on each side of the board (a whiteboard marker is recommended). Start by putting a few inches of tape and then press it evenly and firmly, keeping it centered on the rail as you lay it down. Make sure the tape is thoroughly smoothed without air bubbles. To do so, press the tape down starting at the top edge smoothing with the side of your hand pushing air bubbles out as the RailSaver is applied. If the tape doesn’t follow the rail’s curve, just stretch it making sure to keep it centered on the rail. Once the Rail Saver is entirely installed, press it down twice along its length using a lot of pressure. As we said before, you should wait at least six hours before going out. That’s it. Easy Peasy Japanesey!

Installation Video:


RSPro SUP rail protection installation from RSPro on Vimeo.


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