SUP Lessons and Rentals Throughout South Africa

Stand-up paddleboarding is now one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world. SUP is so popular because it’s easy to learn. While surfing lessons can help virtually anyone master surfing, it takes years of practice to become great. SUP enthusiasts report feeling proficient almost from the very beginning. In the past, SUP was generally limited to ocean-dwellers, but these days it’s moved well beyond the coasts. From inland lakes and rivers, to private dams, folks love the exercise they get, enjoy racing, and even do yoga with friends – or take their friends out for a leisurely cruise! Inflatable stand-up paddle boards or iSUP’s as they are becoming more popularly known as have become far more mainstream and popular in the last few of years as more paddling enthusiasts realize how convenient and truly awesome they can be and has also contributed to the accessibility of the sport.

So now you wanna get into SUP, but you don’t know where to start? We have many great SUP schools located around South Africa who can teach you the basics of Stand Up Paddleboarding and can also offer SUP Rentals once you have the basics and are comfortable taking yourself.


Emmarentia Dam is one of the best kept secrets of Johannesburg. It’s calm & picturesques waters makes it one of the most ideal locations you can learn to SUP in the country & the knowledgeable instructors at SUPFitness are certainly the team show you how…

They offering private 1-on-1 SUP lessons (entry level to advanced), SUP group lessons (2-8pax), kids SUP parties and SUP parties for adults (bachelor/ bachelorette, birthday parties), equipment rentals and more. They also offer expert advice before purchasing your own.

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In the Bay or on the Canals, it couldn’t get better that this. The Point Waterfront Canal located behind uShaka Marine World is 500m of the cleanest water in Durban with loads of the prettiest reef fish swimming around to keep you company. Feeling more adventureous? Why not try catching a wave in the bay!

Offering sup lessons, Yoga, Canal cruise, surfing. It is a premium destination and it is the warmest place to play.

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Cape Town, Western Cape: Surf Emporium Muizenburg

Offering sup lessons, Yoga, Canal cruise, surfing.


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